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About transfers

60 minutes is the common  transport company waiting time, that usually given to the passenger to complete the passport control, get the luggage etc.

 Sometimes this time is reduced by 30  (smaller airports) or expanded to 90 minutes in a bigger airports.

 If the flight arrived on time and the customer did not came to transfer in this time limit, it is considered to be no-show case

 If the flight is delayed, the transport company tracks this delay, and if it is miserable - the client will show up at the stated time limits

 If the delay is longer ( 2-3-6-12 hours) the transport company has the right to decline this order:

 - If the vehicle is not available for the new time

 - Shuttle bus is full and has no vacant places  or it`s schedule is very accurate

 - Shuttle bus`es schedule is not provided for the night time

 If the car is not luxury or exclusive, it is correct to change the car with another vacant one

 However, this cases are also change from region to region.

The client have to inform the Carrier about the delays , because the monitors in the airport sometimes give non-relevant information